Legends from our own lunchtimes

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Signs that we may be taking things for granted.
Parroy to Somerviller

1) We join the queue to buy some bread and a chocolate eclair for morning tea from the little grocery van which stops outside the caravan park, and we leave the minute we are back aboard.

2) We stop at Einville-au for coffee and to consume said eclair, but ignore its cobbled streets and worn buildings oozing the patina of centuries, its fountain and the tractors parked outside the houses, preferring instead to have a quiet snooze until lunch time when we devour the bread with a bit of smoked salmon. 

3) We move on to Sommerviller with its renovated perfection, it’s georgeous window boxes, it’s picture perfect streets, but we sit under a tree and read, watching children fish as the sun goes down.

4) In the course of the day, having passed dense forests and factories in ruin and rolling fields full of monster haystacks and sunflowers and fresh mown hay, but we take a photograph of a topiary chicken.


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