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Friday, July 08, 2016

How things are done

Having made our road trip decision, we made a quick count of things left to do if we were to depart on Sunday, divided that number by by half, then by cunningly multiplying the result by zero and came up with a number which may have indicated we could head off any time with an absolutely clear conscience.

Mathematically at least, everything is done!  We are so organised that we could depart as soon as we’ve finished fitting the new door lock, a ten minute task which, because the new lock turned out to be exactly different to the old one, turned into a kind of a cross between a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle and an ultra marathon with tools.  With a bit of luck, tomorrow will see it sorted.

On the other hand, installing the wiring for the new emergency solar panels went swimmingly.  The temporary nature of the connection meant that no holes were required through the hull skin itself as we could install a plug discretely hidden just inside a window feeding the cable when needed through the overlapping pane.   Presumably that’s what the electrician in my favourite house in Lagarde was thinking with his pair of connections.   I have posted a larger photograph of his ingenuity before, and though things may be clearer when viewed at a larger size the detail bears repeating.  One connection disappears  through a closed shutter in much the same way as it will below one of our louvres when needed.  

The upper one is the most ingenious we think, being routed through a broken pane in the window.   I can’t imagine what he was thinking, but it’s pretty clear he didn’t use the time he saved mowing.

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