Legends from our own lunchtimes

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Finding Max.

When we were kids we’d go to the beach on holiday with the family and we’d eat as though we’d never seen food before, and sleep as though we hadn’t slept in a year.  “It’s the sea air”, my parents would say as though running ourselves ragged in and out of the water and up and down the beach from sunrise to sunset was entirely without impact.

Therefore after finding Dave and Ria moored in the salt water on Gravalingenmeer and enjoying a hearty lunch in the sun, a long walk or two and a cycle into the village with them, it can’t be a surprise that the “sea air” got to us, and we managed to get some serious horizontal time mid afternoon.

 More sensible people than we probably would have been making their way a little further south, but  the way we figured it the good times were rolling and, if we get a bit lucky with the traffic around Antwerp and Brussels  tomorrow we should be back as planned anyway.  So we made little sleeping nest for ourselves in the good ship Max’s cockpit and set out to enjoy the night.  

There’s something about watching the sun going down through the rigging of a thousand yachts, the joy of drifting off to sleep while the breeze gently whistles and clangs through them that evokes memories of a lifetime filled with good times in other places far away.  There’s no need to be moving to have a great day out on a boat!

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