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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Some days are diamonds.
back to Lagarde!

And some days we go to the supermarket.  

We did have a little bit of boating fun this morning as we drove the two locks and four kilometres back to our little port for a teensy bit of maintenance.  

It’s our water you see, it went off while we were away.  Bit of a Nuisance.  Bad.  Smelly.  Yuk.   Not a big problem unless we want to drink, or eat, or bathe.  That’ll teach us for forgetting to turn the hot water off while we were away but not to worry, a few fills and empties of the tank and all should be well again.  At least having over the course of the past few years repaired or replaced pretty much everything aboard, some things twice, we have an idea of what is connected to where, and problems of this nature are a bit of a bother, but quite simple to resolve.  

A bit of a bother but simple, unlike those facing Mike and Aerial who we finally met this morning.   They are of that courageous breed the like of which refuses anaesthetic at the dentist, or buys boats in strange countries sight unseen, there’s quite a bit to be done and discovered on their boat, and no instruction manual.  Tomorrow might be quite fun for us as we poke around helping them unbolt things and finding how they work or why they don’t.  It will be  painless too for us at least, like talking to the dentist while he drills someone else’s molar.  For them?   The last we saw of them this evening they were off looking for anaesthetic.

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