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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Far Superior.
A ferry, a bridge a marina or two and Denmark’s Triangle.Region.

We aren’t sure when it occurred but sometime in the middle of our super sightseeing road trip today we’ve decided it’s time to move on, perhaps before Jørn and Birgit run out of food, perhaps before we wear out our welcome, but mostly because we have had the sort of dream visit that we really don’t want to end.  Through the generosity of our hosts, we’ve come to know a small part of this country just about as well as it is possible to know anything in a week and we like it a lot.

Perhaps the photo above is a fitting analogy for our impressions.  While other larger, louder brasher countries shout about themselves, telling us they are “Far Superior”, Denmark and it’s people just sit there like a little polished gem waiting to be discovered, quietly confident in itself, themselves and in their own way trusting that they will be discovered only by those who will appreciate them for what they are.

We certainly do, and can only hope we’ve been on the sort of behaviour that will have us allowed back at some time in the not too distant future.

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