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Monday, July 11, 2016

Looks like we’ll sit here for a bit.
Bremen to Aabenraa

With just a few hundred kilometres of our journey remaining, there seemed no reason why we shouldn’t linger just a little in Bremen, so after a very civilised breakfast we set the navigation machine to “show us the town”, eventually finding our way to the headquarters of our favourite mail order marine supplier where we spent a pleasant enough hour or so along with a few hundred Euro to stretch the carrying capacity of our little car to what we thought was its limit.

With a mid afternoon arrival in our sights, we had time for a leisurely lunch time stop as well, and in the process gathered a couple of German boys who were filled with the infectious exuberance of school leavers on a grand adventure.  We had warned them about our space situation but they were undeterred. By carefully folding them and rotating their limbs just so, we managed to get them into a position where we could slide their packs over and through the gaps between bodies and limbs stuck in precarious angles and continued on our way. 

At their drop-off point they were so well compacted that extracting them proved to be an exercise as complex as the installation.  While we couldn’t help but notice a grimace here and there as they unravelled, and the back of one of them seemed to be twisted in a way that it wasn’t before, as they bounded away looking for their next ride their cheery optimism for whatever lay ahead was contagious.

Not that we needed any additional cheeriness or optimism when we arrived at Jørn and Birgit’s place, they have more than enough to go round.  Having been greeted us with a list of things they think we might like to do while we are here, while delivering a warning that they are going away for Christmas, we have a growing suspicion we may not be moving on tomorrow.

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