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Friday, July 29, 2016

Being horizontal

Let’s start by saying we didn’t go anywhere today.

We are properly farewelled, of course, several times over but there was one niggling little pain in the side or tummy perhaps that wouldn’t go away.   Jacques even thought he should take me to the Doctor today if it didn’t improve and he was probably right, and we agreed we’d give it till this afternoon to make a decision. 

It’s funny how reticent we were to make that decision, the old “if we were at home” test suggested that we should, but the sheer thought of trying to explain some symptoms and medical history in a language in which we were not adept, even through an interpreter, gave a lot of incentive to lay low for the day.  Despite the temptation of the lock staring us down not a hundred metres away, we sat or lay and snoozed the day away and improved just enough to think things are on the mend and to be grateful that thus far in eight years of extended absences from home we haven’t needed medical assistance.

Steady improvement overnight will definitely see us off in the morning though.


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