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Friday, December 31, 2021

Helter Shelter

This is an image of a shelter shed in a park not far from where we live.  It's a composition from thirty-one different viewpoints and a version of it enjoyed some success in my camera club's end of year competition "in the style of Catalan artist, Pep Ventosa".

I like to think it serves to illustrate the way social media affects our view on life.  

Even things which are very clear and obvious can be obscured and appear to be something they are not if enough slightly different points of view are overlaid over the one true image. 

If one is not careful, one can find oneself spinning off in an entirely different direction to that intended, on a path filled with blurred half-truths and mis-direction.

May your 2022 be filled with focus and entirely devoid of social media "research"!



Anonymous said...

I'm not very technical - f/book twi/ stuff but do enjoy your travels and the piccies too. Your latest travels have saved me a trip: going North is so pointless except to write that you've suffered in the travel, so many thanks for that! The multi-exposure shelter is great, perhaps because when I was teaching drawing, many years ago, I had the students drawing a chair with an upright pole standing in the legs. The they all moved one place to the right, used the pole s a reference and so on and so-forth- just to give a different perspective on "what is the truth" about a drawing. Thanks for that and may 2022 be great for you.
Roger. what is a tag?

Tobias Harrison said...

Congratulations on the photograph, it gives an image like the 19th century supposed ghost and ectoplasm photos. As an image maker what you are looking at is not fixed image as everything is changing with the slightest movement or change in the light. So your image is possibly more like what you really are seeing than a photo that is one instant in time, or a painting that gives a fixed image.
Best wishes for the new year Toby & Jan

Don said...

Since this is not that other social media platform there is no easily tapped "like" button but I am going to heartily endorse the sentiments of your last paragraph!

Nice picture, too.

bitingmidge said...

Hi Roger - it's nice to hear from you. There is no "truth" in photographs either I reckon, but I won't go on! A "tag"/ not sure of the context there, but in internet posting terms it's a keyword designed to make searching easier - usually starts with the "has" # symbol. This post for instance could be tagged "#pepventosa" to make it easier for people looking for that style of work.

Toby! It's great to hear from you, having admired your work from afar for a couple of years, it's time we saw it in person again!

Don and Cathy Jo - "like" accepted! Wishing you a Happy New Year and letting you know I'm about to binge read your last year's journeys! Our friends Sunny and Al said 'g'day (or whatever Canadian for that is!)

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