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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bottomless Cup

Last week I made a list, and looked at the mess and got started on the process of making the list shorter and the mess tidier.

I've tried for seven days, tried really hard to make progress on both, but the list and the mess I have to say seem to be self perpetuating.

Oh sure, I've almost finished the hives, and almost finished the first stretcher for the first canvas, and almost started on the new pipes for the busker organ, and I've fixed a couple of sanders and made stands for the outfeed rollers too, but even though I sweep every ten minutes or so and try to put tools away as soon as I've finished with them, I'm still up to my neck in offcuts and sawdust and tools, and a list that no longer fits on a single sheet of paper.

If a genie was going to give me a packet of something perpetuating, why did it have to contain sawdust and list of things to do?

Why couldn't it have been TimTams and perhaps a cup of half decent coffee?


Anonymous said...

You should be proud of your self for starting your list. You are one step ahead of many.

Julie said...

There is a newbie name of Mark who blogs out of Grafton who has a question about bee-hives. I said I would sool you onto him.


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