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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food for Thought

It's day three with the kids and for reasons completely unrelated to the little ones, a sort of general restlessness is apparently starting to become apparent on my countenance.  I need to chop or sand or dig or paint something.  

The girls are happily doing their thing, shopping and cooking and gooing and gaaing non stop during daylight hours and beyond.  Mr Four and I can only take so much of that, so we disappeared to the sandpit for the afternoon to save the world from pirates and sharks until we deemed it bathtime and therefore safe to return indoors.

Bathtime means it's not long before we get to go out to catch up with friends, to share their view as well as their company, and to wonder briefly whether living once more in the city is really an option for us.


gerrod said...

We still haven't finished our fence if you're looking for some manual labour to do :-)

cara said...

It's always lovely in Brissy!

Annie said...

mmmmm...interesting...just as things are transpiring to making me consider the opposite. maybe.

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