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Thursday, November 04, 2010


And then there was nothing. It's hard to explain really, it's like an emptiness but it's not at all like empty. We are full to the brim, completely satisfied as though we've just had a monster meal of emotion and now just need to sleep away the afternoon to help digest it all.

Before then though, there was cleaning. Two houses worth, and cooking for a week, and perhaps some washing as well. Then Elliott came home and took his place in the bassinet that has held us all. Mr Four squealed with delight and did a backflip on the lounge (normally a corporal offence) and we counted the heads and four seems like heaps more than just three in a family. We vacated our room at Miss Lily's and she smiled as she always does whether we are coming or going. Even though she is still a bit out of sorts after her injection she still flapped both her arms in what we translated as a genuine wave goodbye, but which in reality was simply flapping her arms, but don't tell us, we are sure she's much cleverer than that.

Then we drove through the showers and the traffic, through the evening and through our weariness.

We are home.

We have suddenly stopped travelling, we have a roof, a floor, OUR bed and all we can hear are the occasional sighs as we take it in turns to wonder what just happened.


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