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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas is coming

It's less than a month till Santa comes and one of us, (the one who thinks about these things, plans them and expends all the effort along the way), thought we really should think about what we might like to do "for Christmas".

Having chosen not to gate crash the parties of our children, who will be spending time with their respective "Dark Sides", we somehow set out on a quest with Mat and Michel, formerly our pet Canadians to create a memorable celebration of their first Christmas as Australians. With that in mind we (somewhat optimistically I thought) set off into the hinterland to find some
a) reasonably priced,
b) available, accommodation.

Having failed entirely to do that, we decided that staying at home would be a wonderful experience, wandered round Maleny for a time, looked at the flowers, had a cup of coffee, bought some sheep's cheese and wondered why in the month we've been back we haven't been for a drive in the country before today.


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Annie said...

An amazing man.

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