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Sunday, November 21, 2010



We are home. At least we are at the place where we keep our stuff is until we decide where our next home will be, but for now let's not split straws.

It may be just a pit stop, but for now we are at last stationary and the motors are turned off.

We have stopped. No babies on the way, no exhibitions planned (yet), no house resumptions to battle, just a house to find and we'll do that later.

For well over a year we have been on a roller coaster of emotion and travel, and now we can stop for just a bit and take stock of exactly where we are and what we must do before we start it all again. We have time to think, but not the inclination, we almost feel as though we need a holiday, but from what?

So here we'll stop to feel the midges, until we get the urge to move once more.


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Carola said...

You find the right words. For us it is a bit like that. Traveling - coming back - traveling. Quit a diffrent life. And hard to understand for others what that meens. But we love it.
And wonderful - peaceful- photo.

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