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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flying Solo

Tonight is her big night, their big night, and our big night.

Tonight Lily flies solo, or to be more accurate, her mum does. The Office Christmas Party has come after only six months you see, not enough time to adjust to life without each other for more than sleeping hours which even now rarely come more than four hours at a time for either of them.

We've done all this before, once or twice or more come to think of it, but they haven't.

She had a big feed and a bath before they left, and a long walk in the evening left her dead to the world.

Would her mum forgive us if we phoned to ask how to turn on the TV?


Annie said...

aw..very cute. I am sure she was a perfect child for you.

You just needed a two and a half year old to turn on the tv for you. I
have the same problem where ever I go, but the grandchildren all seem to know what to do... from the 2 year year old up, it seems.

Golden Beach sounds interesting. looks like there a lot of new high rises around there too, from the view from the window here.

anemonen said...

She is very cute. Perfect photo. Thanks for visiting me on The weekend in B&W.

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