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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Our body clocks are starting to reset themselves at last, which is nice as one of us is getting some well deserved proper sleep at last after the events of the past week or so. Sadly my clock now thinks it's daylight saving time, in Fiji.

As much as I like watching the sun rise each morning, when that happens at 4:30 as it does at the moment, it all gets a bit tedious. It was quite strange this morning, I woke, took a photo or two in the pre-dawn monochrome, told myself it was ridiculous being up at that time of day, and promptly went back to bed. I slept for almost an hour I thought, but soon became conscious of myself thinking about things in my sleep. I thought I was dreaming until eventually I realised my eyes were open, at which point all hope was lost.

We made a decision that we didn't want our body calendars to reset themselves as well. We promised ourselves that we'd set Sundays aside as we once did, and as we have done for the past four months as a day that is different to all the others in the week. Take time to smell the roses, or in our case the frangipani or the jasmine or the magnolia perhaps.

No sooner had we promised ourselves that we'd start that next week, but for now we had things to do, than the phone rang.

Thanks to the miracle of friendship, today was a ripper day complete with extraordinarily long lunch, barely completed in time to invite ourselves elsewhere for tea and not a thing to do in sight.

Jobs, like tomorrow, can wait.


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