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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We've never been the sort of people who plan too far ahead for anything, so it's quite out of character to find ourselves with tickets booked already for next year's commute to the boat. Instead of being some nefarious date in the future which is infinitely flexible as is our usual practice, it's cast in stone.

After a lifetime in the construction industry, where everything revolves around only two deadlines, Christmas and Easter, we now have the third of April to contend with, and arbitrary date to be sure, but the one, none the less on which we are now committed to fly.

Nothing else in our lives has changed, we have the same things to do, the same places to go, the same people to see, but now we must go do and see by the third of April, and I woke at one this morning wondering how we could fit it all in.

Perhaps I shall start by milling the new timber for the hives, and see how everything else falls into place.



Julie said...

April 3, eh? For how long? Same area I suppose.

I have an appartement in Paris for 22 Sept to 20 Oct, but no tx to fly just yet. If that stay works, then I will go twice annually, their spring and their autumn

The aim is to find a nice cafe/park and write for a month. I have lots of preparatory research on the piece to do prior to September, so ...

Joan Elizabeth said...

3 April, that means you are going to be spending a little longer in France next year doesn't it? Not much time to go.

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