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Monday, November 01, 2010

A small diversion.

Elliott, it seems took this team business fairly seriously after all. The boys may have had an hour or two more sleep than the girls by the time there was a bump in the middle of the night, which turned out to be Jenna rattling around trying to contain a rush of "water", a certain indication that he was on his way to join us more than a week early.

This wasn't really in the plan, so it seems that even at home there's a certain pointlessness in making plans ever again. On reflection, Elliott himself didn't figure in our plan for the year at its outset.

After making all the necessary phone calls; Steve, the hospital, Steve, Matt, Steve, the hospital, Steve, we all leapt into action. Well the girls leapt into action like a well oiled machine while I watched in somewhere between amazement and befuddlement.

Mr Four moaned and rolled over clasping his pillow round his head in a vain effort to stay asleep despite the din and light. The monster truck, which I had loaded to the gills just a few hours earlier, and unloaded a bit later, miraculously refilled itself with stuff. Sleeping children were cuddled, kissed goodbye and snugged inside.

We stood in the night chill, watching them giggling as they headed off into the night, and as we walked back inside we talked about the best adventure we've ever had, and how it never ends; parenthood.

By sunrise we would be back in travel mode. Only once in the past ten days have we slept in the same bed for two consecutive days. Tonight we are back with the babies, at once anxious, excited, sleepless and exhausted.

Waiting for news.


Annie said...

"best adventure we've ever had, and how it never ends; parenthood".

you are sure right!

(that last sentence doesn't sound grammatically correct, but in my flu-befuddled state it will have to remain that way, sorry)

happy traveling. How exciting! You just made it home in time!

Reminding me of my daughter...on bed rest in NYC for the birth of number one, she lasted till I got there. The baby even waited a week for me to somewhat get over my jet lag which was nice.

cara said...

Wow - it's one thing after another with your lot, isn't it? Fantastic for you that you made it back in time. Great stuff.

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