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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Just a bit tired.

It's all starting to catch up, this business: travel round the world, don't sleep, have a baby, don't sleep, have a great time with the other little ones, don't sleep.

Thanks entirely to Elliott's immaculate timing, it's fair to say that we are starting to feel just a teensy bit frayed round the edges.   Happy, proud, overjoyed even, but frayed none the less.

Having not actually had an uninterrupted night's sleep of a duration within cooee of even two thirds of the customary eight hours for almost a week, we are starting to look for dark quiet corners in which to hide.  Unfortunately the dark quiet corners are occupied by children suffering variously from today's round of inoculations or a shocking head cold, rendering them somewhat less than quiet and therefore far more appropriate for the company of their parents than their grandparents.

What we wouldn't give for a thumb to hold for an hour or so about now.

On the other hand I wouldn't swap my thumb for the world.

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Julie said...

Me neither ...

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