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Friday, November 05, 2010

Stumbling around at home after a four month absence is quite strange. It's like having a cup of tea with a friend one hasn't seen in decades.

We spend a bit of time circling around each other and then it's as if it was yesterday that we last met.

There are some things that are different but of course much that is very familiar. There are some paintings missing from the walls for starters, and the grass needs attention now that Don has left town.

And so it is that we have spent some time circling our house, remembering where things go, and which switches work with which light, and that there is an ensuite bathroom for our convenience in the middle of the night. We've been away before, but never experienced such a complete subconscious separation and it's rather odd.

We can only think that we have been so completely immersed in the past four months that our brains have decided that we had no need to remember things like, where the cutlery is kept. It will be interesting to see if we can remember that we need to find a new place to live soon.

Perhaps all the cleaning and garden tidying that awaits will jog our memories.


annie said...

Aha. It is so nice to hear of others experiencing the same sensations of detachment on arriving home after a long absence. There have been a few instances in the last few years when I have been in a kitchen, wondering "where's the vegemite" or "where's the marmalade"!! I spent so much time visiting family overseas, or visiting other family at home, I was confused by which kitchen I was in, which city, which country! Must have been a waking up in the morning or the middle of the night thing for me!

bitingmidge said...

And I'm glad we're not alone too, Annie!


Carola said...

Yes. Very good description about coming back home. Really true words. We have been tavelling for to years and then came back in our small house. A special experience. For us it was good to change some things, different photos on the wall, new cupboard and so on. And we had to change many things, because our children were grown. Only for our young son (3) everything was NEW.
I like your blogs. In 2008 I was a regular reader from Sunshine Coast Daily. Always great photos, with this Australian athmospere.

Carola said...

Oh, I mean two years.

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