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Monday, November 08, 2010

The Two Car Family

Thankfully, the sun had risen an hour before I did this morning and as I sat on the step, coffee in hand watching nothing in particular, it felt like Sunday all over again.

Another day off seemed in order, but it wasn't Sunday and there were places to go, people to see, things to do so the day off could wait.

One car went off to the doctor, the other, still waiting for a new owner, decided we'd enjoy a bit more expenditure on its account as a farewell gift, and I wondered if Mr Perkins has been somehow swapping notes with our Blue Bavarian friend about testing our patience . It just sat all morning like a hungry seagull chick with it's boot open, waiting for the RACQ man to come and feed it a new battery, while we scratched "places to go" and "people to see" off our list of things to do today.

We've been umming and arring about the reality of life with one car for some time. "What happens", we rhetorically ask ourselves, "when we need to get the car serviced and we don't have another to fall back on." Well it's quite a bit like having two cars it seems.

On Thursday, it too will go to the doctor.

Tomorrow we'll try the "people and places" thing one more time, but at least we managed to get the gardening well advanced, and the computer updated while confined to barracks.


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