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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A day at the Beach

The last time we walked along the beach with Dave and Ria, it could possibly go down as the bleakest, coldest and most miserable walk along a beach that we had until that time experienced.

Therefore when the weather radar and for that matter the actual conditions beyond our windows indicated a good deal of rainfall was in the process of being delivered, we were not disappointed that neither of them insisted on taking us outside.

The rain gave us exactly the amount of time we needed to simply sit over breakfast, and morning coffee, and lunch of course while we all discovered the news that we'd missed in the past six months.  When we did eventually grace the outdoors with our presence it was under a rain free, pale grey sky struggling valiantly but it must be said without success, to become blue, and thankfully in temperatures that were more than acceptable to all except the resident seals who failed to grace us with their presence.

Unlike our last visit, it was almost warm enough to be tempted by the offerings of the Australian ice-cream shop, but we kept our steely resolve and managed to pass it without satisfying our curiosity.

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