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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pining for the Fjords
Höfn to Hallormsstaður

By this morning we were used to beginning our day in fog and we were not at all disappointed to see it in its customary position.  The day had promised to be a spectacular one driving along endless fiords along winding mountain roads with mountains on one side and nothing on the other.   We could only see the bit where the mountain met the water which to be fair may well have diminished the spectacle a little, so we decided to change our plan.  Instead, we would take the short cut over the mountain through the heart of the fog above the melting snow line.

This meant that we were forced to visit enormous waterfalls and walk around snow drifts and to drive along winding mountain roads that sometimes had nothing on one side and nothing on the other either, which didn't at the time appear to be much of an improvement in terms of view than the route we had initially chosen.

But then we reached the plateau where the melting snow banks had begun to crack, showing an iridescent blue glow magnifying the sunlight even through the heavy fog, and for a few hours we were travelling through yet another wonderland.

Surely now we have seen it all?

Note: It is not possible to describe our stay in in Iceland in one photograph or even a few paragraphs, so as soon as internet availability and time allow, further pictures will be uploaded to our flickr gallery.  Watch this space!

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