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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

In a whirl

I think about now it's finally safe to describe the weather as "spring".   Already more than half the boats have left the harbour now, off on their summer adventuring.  The remainder are being subjected to heavy scrubbing and general getting ready-ness by smiling crews, dancing to the beat of their own reflections in the water, and we should be doing the same.

But I woke with an amazing bout of dizziness and even more confusion that usual, and my view of the world was constantly changing not unlike living in one of those reflections.

I therefore just sort of hung around all day as has been my custom of late, although feeling a little sorrier for myself than is the norm, while my beloved washed every item of clothing she could find and some things that weren't clothing as well, to get them dry in case the sun should fail to rise ever again.

"We" also had to think about packing, because tomorrow before a civilised breakfast time, we will also be departing, but on the train in direction London, heading off in search of cooler, wetter more overcast weather.  The kind to which we have now become accustomed.

In the end, we occupied herself all all day, bustling and working away, while I quite sensibly lay about, holding on to things to stop them swaying, hoping that the world would just stand still before the morrow.

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