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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just another day on the road.
Lake Mývatn to Akureyri

Shelley summed up one of the villages we visited today, when she said the only reason anyone would live there was that it was impossibly beautiful.

According to the brochures we have run out of "good bits", and after the spectacles of the past few days our expectations for stumbling across the extraordinary were not high and we were almost in commuting mode as we left Lake Mývatn, late morning after sneaking back to the Dairy which had hosted our dinner last night to ensure their waffle mixture was put to good use.

This was perhaps a mistake.   I am referring to "commuting mode", not the waffles, which were definitely not a mistake, as once again kilometre after kilometre of picture postcard unfolded before us as the day rolled on.

I suspect the only reason anyone would visit this country is that it is impossibly beautiful or perhaps because its populace is impossibly friendly, but we have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow so perhaps there is still time to find some tiny fault.

Note: It is not possible to describe our stay in in Iceland in one photograph or even a few paragraphs, so as soon as internet availability and time allow, further pictures will be uploaded to our flickr gallery.  Watch this space!

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