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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nothing to see here - move along!
Hallormsstaður to Lake Mývatn

Today may well have been the day our senses were finally overloaded, although we have thought as much for the past week.

In just this one day there were more waterfalls than one could poke a stick at, more steaming geothermal basins than one could imagine, deserts that reminded us of home and others that didn't, craters and pseudo craters by the score, but it was walking through the steaming magma fields that held us captivated until late in the evening.

There is something about walking through patches of snow in dark lava fields still warm in parts from that last eruption thirty years ago that has a strangely cathartic effect on one's emotions.

Dining in a cafe on a dairy farm, separated from the evening's milking by a sheet of plate glass has a different, but no less significant impact effect.

Note: It is not possible to describe our stay in in Iceland in one photograph or even a few paragraphs, so as soon as internet availability and time allow, further pictures will be uploaded to our flickr gallery.  Watch this space!

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