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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The meaning of "perhaps".

It's not easy waiting for something not to happen.

Even though the gang of three were only "perhaps" due to arrive quite late in the afternoon, every vehicle that turned into the carpark from not much later than sunrise attracted our attention.

Perhaps, we thought, they would come early.   They said they'd phone, but no matter how long and hard we stared at the telephone, it refused to ring.

Perhaps they will come and we will leave tomorrow we thought.   Perhaps in that case we will need fuel.

With the fuel supply a relatively near couple of kilometres away, four trips was enough for one day, but it didn't take our minds off the gang of three who would perhaps be visiting us later in the day.   Each time we passed the cathedral we were reminded somehow of them.   Perhaps we came to think, we will need a miracle.

Perhaps they will come tomorrow after all.

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