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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beaches Bikes and Blue skies

There's nothing like a nice cycle around Belgium to get the blood pulsing properly through the veins.

The weather radar was quite specific.  There would be big blue clouds all over the country today except for the parts where we would be at the times that we would be there, but Dave and Ria have well practiced eyes for a weather window and quite conveniently, also have twice as many bicycles as people in their family.

Therefore in almost no time at all we found ourselves cycling with picnics in our panniers in any direction that the rain was not, often under clearish blue sky.   Thirty kilometres of rolling countryside, a picnic, coffee and a stop for drinks later  we managed to find ourselves back at the beach.  

The last day of our visit had passed all too quickly, although it must be said that for certain parts of our anatomy, unused to such lengthy spells in a bicycle saddle, it did seem long enough.

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