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Friday, June 14, 2013

One last gasp
Akureyri to Reykjavic

This was to be it, the last day on the road in Iceland for some time at least, and a slightly anticlimactic not quite melancholic pall descended on the occupants of the vehicle.

Half of us had not slept particularly well, having not discovered the well disguised black-out feature of the curtains in our room until after breakfast.  In a country where the sun rises around two in the morning without actually disappearing entirely before or after that time, sleeping in a room wihtout blackout curtains is a distinct disadvantage.

But we soldiered on happily, stopping only to visit a tiny cafe in what would otherwise have been the living room of our host and later of course for lunch a little further south, before launching once more onto a detour across another desert to farewell the last glacier of the week.   Perhaps it's the unfamiliarity we have with these landscapes that burns them into our inner selves, or perhaps there is something in the water but whatever the reason, our week has been full of wonderful surprises even at times when conditions have been less than perfect for being outdoors.

At journey's end in Reykjavic late in the evening we felt to a person that we'd given the island a fair old shake, but it was the younger among us who saw the menu item and ordered it on our behalf.

It simply read: "Surprise".

Note: I have finally posted some more photos on Flickr and am slowly working my way through captions.   They can be found here.


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