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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tidying up

The younger of us had to go to work today, and if they felt anything like the elder pair, which neither admitted to feeling, they wouldn't have been totally enamoured with the concept of leaving the comfort of their bed.    

After their departure did have a good deal of housekeeping to take care of. There was a week's worth of washing to do and a thousand blurry photographs of smiling people standing erect in front of waterfalls and icebergs and pointing into the distance to view, chuckle at and discard.  There were a thousand more that were good enough to keep but of no foreseeable use, and then a further thousand that were better than the other thousand and need to be kept for the time and noted and tagged in case we forget at some future time that they were taken in Hveragerði, or somewhere else spelled equally improbably.

Fortunately all of that could be achieved, with the possible exception of the washing, from a horizontal position and therefore with the possible exception of the washing the morning was long and relaxing indeed.   

There does come a time after lunch though when one must get out and see what is happening in the City.

For us, that meant taking our customary turn around Hyde Park and back through Paddington, wandering in our shirtsleeves with no intent, a perambulation if one must, while happily wondering how it had come to be that we had spent two days without venturing further afield.


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