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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Another day in the office.
London to Reykjavik -8 June

We spent a day in the office today, which is to say that it was time to move on once again so we did.  In this case our day comprised a short train journey followed by a wait at one end for security checks and immigration, a few hours on an aeroplane,  more waiting for immigration and baggage collection and at the car hire counter.

"We have arranged a larger car for you sir" smiled Helgur at the counter, which lead us to wonder if it was possible to hire a car without being upgraded, but admittedly we had not been advised to insure against volcanic ash and sand damage before.

When all that was done we popped outside in temperatures not quite up to ten, and a heavy haze which quickly turned into all enveloping fog with rain to boot.

"Welcome", they said, "to Iceland."

By the time we had done all of that of course it was getting on in the day, despite us "saving" an hour in the journey.  But since the sun barely sets at all this month, we had plenty of time to stroll down the city streets trying unsuccessfully to track down some Minke Whale fillets or perhaps some Puffin stew for dinner, and to think about how we might spend the coming week.

Another day's work well done!


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