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Monday, June 03, 2013


Not wanting to be left out of the the rustle and bustle of doing things in the new found sunshine, we wandered off to the shops to organise the next few weeks of our life.   Of course after our long period of inactivity and not taking too much notice of the calendar, we had forgotten that it was Monday, the day when most shops are closed to sensibly to allow their staff to recover from the weekend, and our morning wanderings therefore while quite enjoyable went unrewarded.

So we wandered back to the port, in time to farewell Joel and Cindy, and to cadge a ride to the station to arrange our travels.  Having waited till a time after which we were confident that railway staff would have completed a sensibly long lunch break, on our arrival we were not overly surprised to discover that we were entirely wrong, as station staff don't actually return after lunch until Friday in Auxonne, and for the second time in one day we found ourselves walking in direction home without reward.

We don't of course have a mortgage on being entirely wrong, take for instance the boat hirers we watched being rescued as we made our way home.  They had made a fairly good fist of not actually taking the preferred course.  When the companies that hire these craft advertise no experience necessary, they really do need some fine print that says that perhaps a teensy bit of the stuff could be put to good use from time to time.  

I guess the short cut seemed like a good idea, and fortunately no actual injuries were sustained in the event.

On a happier note, the accompanying rescue circus did give the shopkeepers and railway staff something to keep them entertained on their afternoon off.

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