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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The cost of living

It's not that we normally take much notice of prices of commodities such as the above.  Normally we are just happy to be surprised when a trolley load of groceries adds up to a lot less than we expect it to, but it was shopping day today and the sudden drop in the value of the Australian dollar brought the subject of our cost of living closer to our hearts.

What is clear from our new found interest in the cost of things is that while ever the cost of peanut M&Ms remains the same in France for half a kilogram as it is for just one of those teensy sachets of the things in the roadhouses in Australia, we can probably assume that we won't starve in the short term.

Just how that relates to a photograph of the village, butterflies, hibiscus and a new VW is not quite as clear.

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