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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

but baby, it's cold outside!

We have a rule that says that we don’t get out of bed unless something is in double figures.  It matters not whether that is the time or the temperature aboard but one of them has to co-operate or we don’t get up.

Our little five hundred watt heater can get our tiny sleeping cabin up there in adverse conditions given enough time, but even after four hours of effort on its part, it was touch and go this morning whether time or temperature would win the battle.   

Just three nights ago, ice was what we were putting in our drinks, now it’s nasty stuff we can slip on if we aren’t careful, even more reason to remain tucked ever so snuggly under every doona we can find.

Temperature notwithstanding, it’s good to be back among our friends in the port, and in truth it’s good to have an excuse to simply stay in bed for a bit. 

Yesterday the covers were away and the decks were scrubbed.  Today almost everything inside is ship-shape. In a day or two the post-winter chaos aboard will be gone, replaced by a semblance of normal life aboard. 

Bill is a bit puzzled though. With all of our major renovation work complete and for the first time in six years, no great list of things to do appearing each day, things just don’t seem normal.   When he started Mr P after completing his post-winter service, there was no smoke and he had to check whether he was on the right boat.

Perhaps we have stumbled into a new “normal”.


Gerry said...


Gerry said...


Anonymous said...

I think I'd get a bigger heater, lpg or electric not critical

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you're back on you boat and that I have another 6 months of vicarious canal travel. Looking forward to your blogs which will be read sitting outside under the reddening glory vine from our new house in Willunga. Pen

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