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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Out of sync.-

In our defence it was very cold this morning.  While the rain had magically disappeared overnight, leaving crystal clear skies there were also crystals of ice on the deck when we woke.  

No doubt taking a cue from the campervanners we mocked yesterday, by the time we’d deemed it warm enough to emerge, the sun may well have been well over the yard arm had the good ship Joyeux had one, and even then it was chilly enough to wear a few jumpers and beanies and scarves and things when we wandered down to the markets, dressed as one does for a night of ring events at the Ekka.   By then of course the sun was out and the warmth was starting to seep into the market place, where stall holders were dismantling their stands or already on their way home, save the one elderly couple still intent on disposing of what was left of their rhubarb and asparagus stash, sitting their in their open necked shirts and shorts obviously enjoying the sunshine. 

It’s eighteen degrees people, go and put something warm on!  

How can they be so far out of sync with the climate?

On the other hand, some may notice this post is a bit out of sync with the calendar.  

Due to a small technical glitch, our email provider advised that we had used ninety-nine percent of our storage, and would soon be cut off if we didn’t do something about it.  At the same time our internet provider advised that our new plan would cut in on the twenty-third and we could very well run out of bandwidth if we weren’t very careful and perhaps now would not be a good time to do too much rearranging of one's email account.  Without going into details, let’s just say that we have passed the test and the time frame and all is back in sync.  

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