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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pont de Bois to Montereaux les Baulay

In the space of twenty kilometres, suddenly the bare forests that we were walking through last night were no more, BAM! had happened.  As suddenly as the day had begun, the forest had grown leaves and undergrowth and there was no way of peering through the dense bushland any more.

We’d been expecting it, but when it came it was so complete that it was bizarre.  To complete the madness, as soon as we were we out of the forest we were greeted by our first shard of yellow in the fields that only yesterday had been a deep, rich and no doubt phosphate enhanced green.  Without my Canadian expert on the subject to call upon, I am fairly certain that these are fields of rapeseed.   I’d know sunflowers if I saw them, but whatever they are, this is spring.

Amazed as we were at how great the change in such a few kilometres, and buoyed somewhat by the fact that we had actually seen this spring business happen in real time, we pushed on down onto the river, our highway south.

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