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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

To market to market-

These monster hotel vessels are probably leaving town because they know that Friday is a public holiday and all of the locks in France will be closed.  Actually so will everything else, but they must know what they are doing.   

We have decided to stay till they reopen, and inspired by they who are travelling on those ships, will try to spend the next few days lazing around as we imagine they do.

To realise that objective we needed provisions, and the provisions shop is beyond that bridge, and beyond the the next one too, but conveniently close to the little pleasure boat port in the heart of town where the kindly manager said he would allow us to stay without charge for a few hours while we shopped.   We felt a little extravagant steaming to the shops to save a few millimetres of shoe leather, but this is one of those big supermarkets where the staff ride on skates.  It’s of the kind that sells brake parts and gerbils and probably even submarines if you could ever find the submarine department.  By the time we had found just the breakfast cereal and gone back for some hand cream then off in the other direction for baking paper, our pedometers were showing that we had walked a tidy five kilometres entirely within its walls.

Safely back aboard with our supplies safely stowed and glad of the opportunity to ride home, we dined handsomely on fresh ham, mustard and baguette all of the way back “Silhouette” .  

Pleasantly fatigued through all that effort, we wondered if we should do what we imagined the cruise passengers were doing to combat their post lunch fatigue, and decided that if they were sensible they probably weren’t doing anything at all to combat it.  

Sensibly we too succumbed, arising bright and refreshed for another long night of conversation.

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