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Friday, April 24, 2015

Life in a postcard. -

So we looked at the view from our window and decided that Claudine was completely right.   We had absolutely no reason to move today.

So we didn’t, except of course to wander the streets a little and allow the butcher, the baker and possibly even the candlestick maker (heavily disguised as a large hardware store) to separate us from a little more of our money.  I hope they know how hard their Tourist Office works on their behalf!  

Perhaps if we wait one more day the leaves on the last of the bare trees opposite will have burst into being.

There again, if we stay here long enough we can probably watch the same leaves change colour and fall.

1 comment

Jack said...

Such a beautiful place. You are making me think about maybe a week on the water in France in September. Where did I put the brochures?

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