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Friday, April 10, 2015

Springing to life.

Spring is on the way.  Despite appearances, on close inspection there are tiny green shoots appearing now on all of the trees that weren’t there just a few days ago.

It’s the same on board too.  Despite appearances, everything is close to clean and tidy and mostly properly stowed, with only a load of shopping and a quick rub over some oily bits in Mr Perkins’ domain to be done and we’ll declare ourselves ready for summer.

After one last trip to town (the other town this time Sarrebourg, the one that is a freeway drive away) the car went back to it’s home, our umbilical cord to the land gone.  Tomorrow we might even go for a little run to see that all is in order.

Then all we have to do is to shoot off ourselves, and we’ll declare our own season underway as well!


JIm Latimer said...

Hi peter,
looks like all is going well, keep up the good work we are still in the repair stage.

Jim & Monika

Jack said...

This is such a pretty reflection photo!

The adventure begins! Enjoy the 2015 edition of life on the water.

roléro-t said...

Perfect vision! good photo!

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