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Monday, April 13, 2015

Off with a spring!
Lagarde to Sommerviller

Astonishing everyone, least of all ourselves, an hour before midday we slowly motored out of Lagarde, with the big wide world at our feet.   Eleven in the morning is as close to us getting underway “first thing” as anyone around here can remember and in order to make up we decided to stop a bit early too.  

After all we didn't want to overdo it and we had plans to travel further tomorrow which could test Mr P’s mettle a bit.   After last year he has a bit to do to prove himself entirely trustworthy in our eyes,  although it must be said thus far he has behaved impeccably, appearing to have given up smoking entirely although there was just one small splutter of that vile dark substance on the bed of his bay which perhaps is an indication that he will not be giving up easily.

This spring thing is getting to us though, we’ve not seen the vegetation so brown before, even in spring, nor the trees so bare nor the villages that usually hide behind them, but we can see the buds appearing everywhere before our eyes.   I suspect if the forecast for the next few days holds, we shall see not a season, but an explosion within the week.

We get the distinct feeling that nature has opened the shutters, drawn back the curtains and is just about ready to thrust open the windows and shout to the crowds at the top of her voice.


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