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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thank-you Ma’am! -
Rigny to Gray

In cruising mode now we thought that six kilometres would be a perfect foil to yesterday’s marathon.   We arrived in Gray mid-morning although had we been in cruising mode proper we may well have described that as “early”.

In the event it was early enough to get the washing done and dried and a full load of provisions aboard before an admittedly late lunch.  

We had been hoping to catch up with Claudine but of course on the one day we planned to be in town it was her day off, her phone was not answering, and through a set of circumstances that can bear no explanation, the phone number on our “business” card is wrong.  (If you are relying on that to call us sometime this year, please email now for the real one!)  

It seemed for a time that we would have to catch up on our return later in the year.

That though would have been giving up, and Claudine never gives up.  Although she had taken the day off work to nurse her mother who was recuperating after a minor operation, unable to contact us by telephone, she simply drove from her village and turned up at exactly the right time of the evening to save the situation, armed as always with her camera, and bearing eggs from her very own chickens.   

We braced ourselves for her admonition when we advised that really we had only intended to stay just for the day, and when it came she was of course correct.  We are cruising, another day doesn’t matter and Gray does have a lot going for it……  if every Tourist Office had a Claudine travel would be very slow indeed!

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