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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Well that came around quickly enough!

Suddenly, we are in Hong Kong, watching the sun set and feigning being puzzled as to how we got here.

To those we missed, if you aren’t so miffed that you are no longer reading this blog: don’t worry, we’ll be back in even more less time than we were at home, and we’re sure to catch you then.

I suspect that just as commentary of the latter weeks of our travels of the past two years may do, the former of this year will somehow magically retrospectively appear. We may not have caught up with our reporting but least we made a bit of progress on DickyWorld, had a holiday or two and managed to get at least some of the photo books done and at least one of the web sites sorted to boot.  The rest of the things that remain undone will just have to wait I’m afraid.

Tomorrow when the sun rises we will be in Paris, in weather that is expected to be around thirty degrees cooler than that to which we are accustomed, and with a little luck there won’t be a hammer, paint brush or wheelbarrow in sight, but for now we’ll sit and wait and make small wagers as to how much sleep we will snatch on the flight, and wonder just how late in the flight we can sneak off and slip into our thermal underwear.


Julie said...

Blimey, a couple of these paragraphs got caught in yer cement mixer!

Happy trails ...

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Julie - I couldn't have said that better myself...(really!) :-)

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