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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Of fond farewells.

We are starting to wonder if we have our own little Groundhog Day happening. 

We have been here for five days and seem to be constantly finding excuses to go out with the same people.   Actually we don’t need excuses, but since our stay in Lagarde is set to be the shortest on record, if indeed we do depart tomorrow as planned, our breezy round of welcome parties has settled into a “well we’ll see you again soon” round, or perhaps a “you aren’t really going yet are you?” round, and this is exaggerated somewhat by the early time of the year and the distinct non-arrival as of yet of the rest of our little portside gang.

Today it was a sort of “glad to see you are still here” and “well you aren’t really going tomorrow are you?” and “besides it’s lunchtime and we all have to eat”, lunch with Maggie and Jacques although we have no idea why they ever invite us for lunch when they really mean stay for a couple of days and while you are at it eat enough to see you through the summer.

As always a splendid time was had by all, tinged with the half-regret that we can’t do it again next week at our place, but I’m sure we’ll all get over that in due course.

So the penultimate farewells have been done.

There’s naught left to do now but to have one more micro hibernation (we certainly don't need to eat), swap over the empty gas bottle, and cast off our lines.

How simple that all sounds.

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