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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Waiting for our brains to arrive.

Because we are wise and experienced travellers, we know when to say enough is enough, so we planned a night of respite in a pleasant if somewhat world-weary, which is to say “cheap” hotel in Lunéville. There we would have a warm meal, a nice, hopefully long sleep in a warm bed without the need for too much comfort, and a sustaining breakfast before setting off on our merry way in the warmth of a clear spring morning.

Because we never like to plan things in any detail beyond perhaps a quick hunt for accommodation on the internet the night before, or in this case the week before we were due to arrive, we never seem to get the hang of checking whether there is anything which might impact on our ability to get to where we think we want to be.   For instance, we now know that if one arrives in Lunéville on Easter Monday, one discovers in very quick order that the town taxi business will resume normal service tomorrow if one would care to wait.

By tomorrow of course it would be today, so if one was to indeed enjoy the planned respite that one had planned, it would be wise to stride off on one’s own volition, which we did with the usual happy result.

When today arrived, having dined and slept and woken refreshed and sustained by a leisurely breakfast we decided that another leisurely walk to the hire car place would be in order.  Thankfully we had waited until the morning chill had gone before setting out, as the temperature may well have been minus zero had we not, instead of the plus boldly proclaimed by the animated neon signs of each pharmacy we passed.

Old habits do die hard.  Our instinct as Australians is to hide from the sun.  Therefore it was not for the first time as we walked that we found ourselves crossing the road for no reason other than that our brain was telling us to walk in the shade lest we should fry to a crisp.   

“To heck with the sunburn, brain, let’s just for once enjoy the warmer bits … shall we?”

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