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Monday, April 20, 2015

The smallest of mishaps! -
Uzemain to Pont-de-Bois

While things may be abuzz in the forests, one can’t say the same for the streams or the streets.  

In perfect weather we have barely seen a soul.  

One boat has gone by in the opposite direction in two days, and we saw an old lady talking to another in Fontenoy-le-Chateau today when we stopped for the obligatory baguette and Eclairs for elevensies.   Normally, when in Fontenoy we choose the Coffee Eclair as an appropriate adjunct to our morning coffee, but today despite the astonished look on the face of the proprietor of the little bakery and her query to ensure we didn’t mean “Coffee”,  it just seemed right to break out of our comfort zone and “go the Chocolate”.

In retrospect it seems her look was because I had failed to notice that while the Coffee Eclairs were clearly freshly prepared, with dripping glossy icing and succulent filling, the Chocolate versions had probably been on display since last Autumn.   This was only a slight disappointment given that they were still better than others we’ve tried, and while not perfect provided none the less the perfect kick as we continued to wend our way south. 

Wend we did, and wend some more, finally (at day's wend?) stopping for the evening in the midst of a forest that seemed to be squirming under the load of all that green stuff just below the surface of every living thing.   In a day or two there won’t be any of “last year’s stock” to be seen!

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