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Friday, May 10, 2019

A Day at the Fair.
Saturday 4th May - La Ferte-St-Aubin

The temperature in the past week has gone from "a bit chilly" through "quite brisk" to “do we really want to go outside today?”, a simple question, and one to which more sensible people may well have responded with a resounding “NO”!

Perhaps we were over-tired after watching the National Petanque championships on television last night, or perhaps the cold had numbed our brains as well as our toes, but whatever the reason, we decided we were made of sterner stuff, and piled ourselves into the car with as it turned out, entirely inadequate wet weather contingencies, for a visit to the Annual Medieval Fair in Orleans.

After delaying venturing outdoors as best we could, hanging around in warm cafés, browsing in department stores, and generally trying to stay dry, we dashed out during a brief break in the weather, managing to complete a much too rapid circumnavigation of the markets, before retiring to the car with bags of medieval baking no less sodden than we were.  With the car heater raging we noticed the temperature outside had risen too, to an infinitely more comfortable five degrees, but we weren’t tempted by the thought of a re-visit.


Don said...

Our outside temperature gauge showed "0" when we got up last Monday morning. I've already run through this years complement of stove wood. This is May?

bitingmidge said...

Ha! We've had Mays where we thought we wouldn't need canals any more because there was so much rain we could go wherever we wanted to in the boat! At least the weather appears to be clearing for a day or two ..... good luck with finding more dry wood though.

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