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Friday, May 10, 2019

The Loop in the Loo at the Louvre.
Sunday 5th May - La Ferte-St-Aubin to Lens

The regional branch of the Louvre Museum in Lens is a stunning piece of architecture housing an equally stunning collection which provides a potted glimpse of 5000 years of history in one large gloriously metallic room.

While the rise of civilisations is cleverly tracked in that wondrous chamber, the smallest room in the building perhaps was indicative of the demise of our modern one.  In a glaring example of things carried just a bit too far, there, engraved on the door of one cubicle was the unmistakable symbol indicating it was specially constructed for the hearing impaired.  Yes folks, we have our own loo.

For those unaware, hearing loops are electronic devices installed in some theatres and public spaces to provide enhanced level of hearing for those who are suitably equipped.  

Just why one needs such enhancement while undertaking the most basic of bodily functions remains a mystery, although the writer must admit that even without the additional enhancement provided by the loop, there is indeed a resounding and quite satisfying clatter arising from those functions which in times pre-auditive assistance he was entirely unaware.

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