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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Saturday 11th May - Diksmuide

One of us is determined to get everything inside cleaned and tidied before we go. This confuses the other of us no end, since the minute we head off we’ll be uncleaning and untidying just as determinedly.  On the other hand, he wondered if we  get some nifty little overshoes to wear on deck, he might yet get away without doing too much to the outside before we are cleared for take off.

The sun popped out this morning with the promise of perfect conditions  to be on the water, far too nice to be mucking around with deck brush and soapy water, and we knew it would be just as nice in the centre of town too, so we thought we’d visit the children’s festival in the square and stay just one more day.   There, we had a wonderful time watching slow bicycle riding contests and kids on bikes on obstacle courses (no helmets - last one alive wins!).  There was a wall painted entirely in ketchup, or a facsimile of it, and a young lady speaking in surprisingly halting English asked us to help in a Guinness Book of Records attempt at some sort of shouting.   “Just yell AAAAARRGGHHH, when they say”, she emplored.

We weren’t the only ones having a good time however.  As we approached his office to extend our stay once more, the Harbour Master’s usual chuckle descended into laughter of the kind approaching hysterical.


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