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Monday, May 06, 2019

Unsettling in.
Monday 29th April - Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives

Perhaps nothing says “we’re back” more than a walk through a market in the crisp spring air, taking time to fondle the endives and pat the rabbits (specially the ones with the “for consumption” sign on their hutches), returning laden with seafood and vegetables that were personally selected for us with the same passion no doubt with which they were grown.

Nothing that is, than lunch prepared by good friends with a similar love for that same produce (without the rabbits) followed by a bit of a snooze.

As we happened to be in Caen in the afternoon, we thought we’d avail ourselves of the opportunity to visit the (Battle of Normandy) Memorial Museum.   Impressive though the museum was, it did not take long for our jetlagged brains to become lost in the melee as wave after wave of intolerable history once again washed itself over us.  

Nothing says “we’re back” more than being just a little too close to an uncomfortable past. 

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