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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Veurne Sunset.
Thursday 16th May - Veurne

We didn’t go out this morning. It was supposed to be a “nasty job” day, but just as one of us was midway through those involuntary shallow breathing exercises one does while summoning the courage to take the shorts and bare feet bravely into the outdoors to clean the icy decks, a gentle knock could be heard on our cabin door.  

It’s very possible that the Waterways Authority compliance officer had never been greeted with such relief, nor with such hospitality.  For an hour or so we plied him with coffee as we swapped notes and he ticked boxes and gave us friendly advice.  Had he been prompted he might have suggested that it was far too chilly outdoors to even contemplate pulling out the pressure washer, but there was no need. By the time he finished it was almost lunchtime, and one of us had come to his senses of his own accord.

It warmed up a little late in the day, thankfully far too late to start getting wet, but it’s surprising how tropical fourteen degrees can feel in the absence of a breeze. We permitted ourselves one brief farewell circuit of the town in the warmth of the sunset, as once again, having almost studiously left plenty of things to see at some future time, we have decided it's time to move on.

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