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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

But baby its cold outside.
Friday 10th May - Diksmuide

It’s so cold and awful outdoors that even Jack of Diksmuide has turned blue despite his greatcoat. It’s far too chilly and windy he thinks, to clean the outside of the boat, and we can’t leave with a dirty boat apparently. 

Everyone wants to know when we are heading out, so we mention a random day (usually Friday) to keep them off our backs, then when that day comes we remind ourselves that we are cruising, that we don’t have to leave just because we’ve told everyone we were.  So we wander up to the Harbour Master’s office waving another ten Euros and he chuckles and writes a receipt for another day.

Thankfully it’s not so cold that we can’t enjoy a bit of a gentle amble through the neighbourhood Fair Trade Fair in the evening, spending some of our ethically sourced money on no doubt equally ethically-sourced banana fritters, ducking and dodging as we passed the aerobics squad in full flight, marvelling at the kids at work on metal sculptures with whirring machines and no eye protection, and generally pleased we didn’t leave on Friday.

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